Student-led Civics Projects

ABOUT THIS Opportunity:

The DKP also provides opportunities focused solely on supporting teachers in implementing student-led civics projects for middle and high school educators. We partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in developing the Civics Project Guidebook: Guidance to Support Implementation of Chapter 296 of the Acts of 2018, An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement.

The DKP team has multiple examples of student-led civic projects implemented in classrooms in Massachusetts. We offer a multi-district approach for professional development and supports that combines both virtual and in-person opportunities at Harvard University or an approach that brings the DKP team to a district with more local opportunities for in-person supports.

We are happy to talk with you about our professional learning workshops and instructional supports for educators. Contact to talk further about how we can support your district.

* For the Democratic Knowledge Project, deeper civic learning involves helping students cultivate the core civic dispositions of

  • civic self-confidence: having the knowledge and skills needed to participate effectively in our democracy
  • civic reciprocity: being able to understand and respect others’ values and goals and recognize that, in a democracy, it is important to understand how and when compromise is needed
  • civic self-care: the ability to analyze the risks involved in civic participation in order to safely and responsibly engage with others

Students develop a civic identity by integrating their understanding of their personal identity and values, knowledge about our constitutional democracy, and the skills necessary for effective civic participation.